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AnimSchool is the premiere online school for learning 3D animation, modeling and rigging.

AnimSchool is the premiere online school for learning 3D animation, modeling and rigging. We teach a broad curriculum so students are well prepared for the 3D workforce.

AnimSchool 30 instructors currently working at top studios like Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks, Disney, Sony, and Pixar. We share our passion with aspiring artists after our full-time production jobs.

AnimSchool is a growing school! We have 8 staff members, including two full-time 3D animation professionals.

AnimSchool students have almost continuous interaction, help, and problem solving with our full-time pros! We work hard to respond to student issues quickly -- often very fast on our student Facebook group.

AnimSchool is home to over 250 students in our two programs, where the students learn 3D animation, modeling, and rigging. They interact frequently in classes, extra sessions, a free drawing class with industry pros, a student web hangout, a very active student Facebook page, forums, and messaging. Our students are excited about learning these 3D skills, so they approach each of their assignments with passion.

AnimSchool was founded in 2010 by David Gallagher, animator, rigger, and former Character Development Supervisor at Blue Sky Studios.

AnimSchool students learn to specialize in a particular field, while also learning supporting skills so students are well prepared for the 3D workforce.

We love Characters!

AnimSchool provides the most appealing characters for animation students to use. AnimSchool characters are known around the world as the best in the industry. We share some of our characters with the public.

Our Malcolm rig has been downloaded by over 50,000 users worldwide and used in many student films, commercials, and animation contests. AnimSchool is where people go for great characters!

And we teach the very best modeling and rigging practices to make the characters you create the most aesthetic and production-ready.

AnimSchool is a Registered Certificate-Granting School

AnimSchool teaches students in two 21-month Program Tracks with 12-month certificates, from the first stages of learning to job-ready. AnimSchool also teaches masterclass-level courses for working animators, modelers, riggers, and 3D generalists needing a career boost.

AnimSchool is compliant with all state post-secondary proprietary school laws and is registered under the Utah Post-Secondary Proprietary School Act.

"Online reviews with some of the best animators in the world who really take the time to look at your work." –Mark B.

"Now I know how to make animation better, appealing. After AnimSchool, I feel empowered." –Carlos R.

"AnimSchool has allowed me to advance in a career that is filled with opportunities" –Carlos G.

"I’ve learned so much and I’m really happy I chose AnimSchool! It’s pretty cool that I get to work on characters I love...I’m thrilled that I get to model, rig and animate Donald Duck’s nephews for a Disney project." –Nanda D.

"Without knowing anything about Maya 2 ½ years ago and be able to do these sort of things today – makes me really proud!" –Martin S.

"I didn’t know crap about 3D animation before I got here, so it’s really cool! I have an animation job now." –Maikoe A.

"I finished school, got a job and was promoted to Animation Supervisor--all because of AnimSchool." –Dimitar B.

"I've learned a lot from all the professional animators at AnimSchool! Their stories about daily work in major studios and productions worldwide made the profession come alive for me." –Imelda A.

"I had done commercials and worked on TV for 5 years, but during my first class at AnimSchool I realized that I didn’t know how to animate yet! This was just so different!" –Daniel J.

"I am now comfortable with modeling, character creation and rigging in Maya. Before AnimSchool, I didn’t know how to rig anything." –Richitos M.

"Even though it’s an online school it feels like a whole community of people who I have never met before but became really good friends with...it’s simply the BEST!" –Dilen S.

"The instructors are among the best. They have been super kind with me - they not only taught me how to animate better, they also pushed me to become a good team member." –Carlos A.

"From class to class I could see a marked improvement in my work." –Maxim K.