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Date of Agreement:__________________________________________________________________

First Term Start Date:_________________________________________________________________

Expected Date of Program Completion (add 9 months if Easy Pay option is selected): _____________



Student Name:______________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Country: ___________________________________________________________________________

Telephone home:__________________ cel:______________________ work: ___________________

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Program Track:

Number of Terms in Program Track: 7

Starting Term:

Weeks Per Term: 11

Estimated Number of Clock Hours Per Term: 64

Estimated Number of Homework Hours Per Term: 200

Start and End Dates for 2017 Terms:

Winter Term 2017 (January 2nd to March 18th)
Spring Term 2017 (April 2nd to June 17th)
Summer Term 2017 (July 2nd to September 16th)
Fall Term 2017 (October 1st to December 16th)




Tuition Cost of 12 month 3D Animation or 3D Character program:(Program Students Only) $6,480 (minus qualifying discounts)

Tuition of Program Tracks: $4,860 - $5455.
Tuition of Programs: $6,480.
Total cost of Track and Program: $11,935.

Tuition of Single Course: $1,620.

Cost Per Term or per Express Course: $1,620 (minus qualifying discounts)

Non-refundable registration fee: $125

Cost of books: Approximately $100 (optional)

Software Cost: $349 (Or, so long as Autodesk's free software program is active, program students may download a student version for free.)

Computer Cost: $300 and above. Student must supply own computer capable of running advanced 3D software.

Graduation Fees: none

Late Payment Fees: $35

In accordance with state registration requirements, AnimSchool may not collect more than four months of tuition payments at any one time.


To apply for AnimSchool, prospective students need to (1) be 18 years or older the first week of class, (2) have a High School diploma, a G.E.D., or its foreign equivalent, (3) have basic computer skills on Windows or Mac.

In addition, if students do not have a working knowledge of Autodesk Maya, they need to become very familiar with the software or enroll in our Introduction to Maya class before their first term begins.



Enrollment Denial: If a student is not admitted to a program after applying, they will receive a full refund of the application fee.

Cancellation: After registering for the school and paying the otherwise non-refundable $125 registration fee, students have three business days to change their mind and withdraw from the school. They are then eligible for a full refund of all fees and any tuition paid, including the otherwise non-refundable registration fee.

After the three day period, students may withdraw before they participate in AnimSchool classes (including General Reviews and drawing classes) until two weeks before classes begin, for a full refund, minus the non-refundable registration fee.

Once enrolled in a term, students have until two weeks before classes begin to opt out of the term. After that point, because AnimSchool has already employed their instructors for the term, students are obligated to pay at least 2/3 of the agreed upon tuition, even if they cannot participate in the term.

While a term is underway, students wanting to switch out of a term and re-enter next term may do that, but will forfeit at minimum 2/3 of the tuition for that term (If it is beyond the 7th week of the term, there is no refund issued).

At any point during a term, students may withdraw from AnimSchool. Regardless of the payment method, students are obligated to pay for that term's tuition. If they have paid for the term already, they may be eligible for a maximum refund of 1/3 of the tuition for the term, minus a $75 withdrawal fee.(If it is beyond the 7th week of the term, there is no refund issued). (This assumes additional class sessions were not attended after the withdrawal request).

Registration or other fees will not be refunded.

Withdrawal can be initiated by emailing: or call 801 765-7677 with a clear request for withdrawal. Any cancellation or withdrawal refund payments will be issued within 30 days.

Students who withdraw from a program are not usually eligible to reapply to an AnimSchool program, but may take Express classes, if approved.

Placement: AnimSchool offers services to place students in industry positions upon graduation. Services include job listings and information from contacts with industry recruiters, and a demo reel review with a member of the AnimSchool Review Board. In addition, many graduates' assignments appear on our social media and showcase videos, and are seen by hundreds of thousands.

Although the school provides placement assistance, the school does not guarantee job placement to graduates upon program completion. See AnimSchool's current job placement rate here

Class cancellation or Teacher Substitution: The school may cancel a class when the number of students scheduled is too small, or when the teacher withdraws for any reason. AnimSchool may also retain a class but substitute another teacher if a teacher withdraws before the start of the term or during a term.

In the case of cancellation, students may select an alternative class.

Class switching: Students desiring to change classes to a different time slot and/or teacher may sign up for a different class that has empty slots at any point until the day before the second class session. (If the student misses the second class session of the new class as a result of the switch, they are not entitled to a refund.) If a different teacher has been substituted during that first week, students may switch to another class with an empty slot

Teacher Absence: At times teachers may have a planned absence. Typically, the class is then moved to an alternative day. On occasions, AnimSchool provides a substitute instructor and the class continues as scheduled. Students may not request a refund or credit of any kind as a result of the teacher substitution.

Unplanned Teacher Absence: If a teacher does not attend a scheduled class due to any reason, intentional or unintentional, students are entitled to a rescheduled class substitution. The teacher or substitute teacher will make every effort to accommodate the most convenient replacement time and day.

Teacher Withdrawal: On rare occasions, teachers may withdraw from teaching a class due to personal circumstances. AnimSchool will replace the teacher with an appropriate substitute for the remainder of the term. Students will not be eligible to switch classes or obtain a refund due to any teacher withdrawal and replacement.

Transfer of Credits to AnimSchool: Students wishing to transfer credits from another school to apply to a particular class or set of classes should send a detailed written request to Class bypasses may be accepted after a review.



Registration under the Utah Postsecondary Proprietary School Act does not mean that the State of Utah supervises, recommends, nor accredits the institution. It is the student's responsibility to determine whether the credits, degrees, or certificates from the institution will transfer to other institutions or meet employers' training requirements. This may be done by calling the prospective school or employer.

AnimSchool is not accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Accordingly, you should not expect AnimSchool class credits to transfer to other schools. You should apply to AnimSchool only if you believe it will offer the education you seek, and not with the intent to transfer credits later to a different college or university.


AnimSchool offers two different 12 month courses of study in computer animation. In the 3D Animation Program Track, students learn the craft of 3D animation, how to move characters and make them perform and act in a convincing way. Students learn about posing, drawing, appeal, principles of motion, acting, and the classical principles of animation.

There are three prerequisite courses before a student can apply for the program. Students first apply to AnimSchool for acceptance into a "Program Track" - set to take the necessary prerequisites to apply for a program

In the 3D Character Program Track, student learn the crafts of modeling and rigging. This is where the characters are made. The starting point is a great design on paper. In modeling, students create the shape in 3D dimensions in the software. It not only has to look beautiful, the arrangements of points and lines also have to support later posing for animation. In rigging, students place bones into the body to bend it properly and control the shaping of the form in the myriad of possible poses. Students also articulate the face, segmenting the muscles and motions of the face and head to make the character emote in a convincing and appealing way.

Each Program Track is normally 7 terms or 21 months long (minus two week breaks in between terms). Each Program is 4 term (12 months).

AnimSchool offers a Certificate of Completion upon graduation from a program.

Graduating from an AnimSchool program will prepare you for employment in fields where 3D imagery and animation is used, primarily for the entertainment industries of feature film, visual effects, broadcast, computer gaming, advertising, and illustration. Many of the skills may also be used in these less-related fields: medical, aeronautics, litigation, virtual-reality simulation, web design.

AnimSchool makes no guarantee that you will find employment upon being awarded an AnimSchool Certificate of Completion. However, because all the teachers are top industry professionals, you can be sure you'll be accessing some of the best potential learning opportunities you can find in an online school.

Typical jobs our graduation will seek include entry-level animator, modeler, character technical director(rigger), and game artist.


Students may use AnimSchool character rigs and any assets provided for their courses or ones available in the Characters and Tools section while they are students. Students withdrawing from AnimSchool (provided their payment accounts are current), may continue to use those AnimSchool character rigs and assets.

Student access to the AnimSchool website and class recordings is limited to the time they are enrolled in a course. Students withdrawing from AnimSchool do not have continued access to the AnimSchool website or class recordings.

Students taking a term break from AnimSchool do not have continued access to the AnimSchool website or class recordings. Students may pay for "break access", however, to retain access to General Reviews, class recordings, drawing classes during their break. Students may request "break access" by contacting

Students who graduate from an AnimSchool program may use all character rigs and assets and all future character rigs yet to be released. They also retain access to class recordings.

Students in an Express class (a single class, not as a program student) may continue to use the character rigs and assets provided for that course, as well as those in the Characters and Tools section, after the course is completed (provided their payment accounts are current). But Express students do not have access to all future character rigs. Express students do not have continued access to the AnimSchool website or class recordings.


To graduate, a student must first be enrolled in the Animation or Character program and complete all required courses and the required number of elective classes, each with a C grade or higher.

As a final step to graduation, candidates present their portfolio/reel to a Review Board member to approve or disapprove their eligibility. If the candidate is not approved, they are encouraged to improve specific aspects of their work and return again for review the next term. The candidate retains access to General Reviews to continue to receive personal help for up to one year, to qualify for graduation.

In addition, students must abide by the standards of conduct and resolve any such issues, probation status, or non-payment status.

Upon graduation, students retain full access to the AnimSchool website, and the right to use all AnimSchool character rigs and all future AnimSchool characters as well.


Students must maintain a C grade or above each term to count the term's class as a fulfilled prerequisite for another class. Elective classes are not prerequisites, so a passing grade of any kind fulfills the requirement toward graduation.

Students who receive below a C- grade on a required course, wishing to graduate, must retake the class or an equivalent class at their own expense to maintain eligibility.

This does not apply to classes taken Express. Express students will receive a grade, but it does not make them more or less eligible to take another class.


Students are expected to maintain professional standards of behavior in their interactions between other students and between them and teachers. If some conduct is unprofessional, or would be inappropriate in the workplace, students should avoid it. AnimSchool will not tolerate harassment, illegal discrimination, derogatory speech or actions toward another AnimSchool party or any other person, using AnimSchool communications. Students should avoid offensive content in the forums, messages, and in their school assignments, including crude language, sexually explicit material, or derogatory intention, or jokes that could appear derogatory toward others. Failure to comply with the standards of conduct may result in Academic Probation, up to and including dismissal.


Students must agree to and abide by the terms of the enrollment agreement to continue in a program. Failure to comply may lead to a probation status. Students will be informed what steps they must take to avoid dismissal from AnimSchool, and will be given ample opportunity to resolve any issues.


Students who fail to abide by the terms of admission, the standards of conduct, fail to resolve probation status, or fail to resolve any non-payment issues may be considered for dismissal from AnimSchool. Students should phone or email to resolve any problem issues.

Depending on the nature of the dismissal, students may or may not be allowed to reapply to AnimSchool at a later time or to take Express classes in the future.


Students should strive to attend all the class sessions in which they are enrolled, and submit their assignments weekly. Not every weekly assignment is graded, so failure to submit an assignment may or may not directly impact the upcoming assignment's grade. Students who fail to submit any ungraded weekly assignments will likely fall behind. Attendance is factored in to the final course grading. Students unable to attend should contact the instructor using the AnimSchool messaging system.

Students are advised that much of the opportunity for learning comes from the direct interaction with the teacher during class sessions, so they should be attending whenever possible.


Students have the option of paying month to month, instead of per term. There are no extra fees for this service. Students are required to set up an eligible repeating payment credit card to apply.

Cost per 11 Week Term Cost per calendar month (3.66 weeks instruction)

Tuition................................................................................ $1800 (currently discounted to $1590)....................... $600 (currently discounted to $530)

Either paid per term or in monthly installments, an AnimSchool program costs $12,600 (minus any applicable discounts or other tuition reductions).


Students enrolling in a program may participate in the AnimSchool Easy-Pay Program. In this program, students take nine months longer to go through the AnimSchool program, but pay only $356 per month for 32 months, beginning three months before classes begin. Four times during the program, the student takes a three month break during which they continue to pay the $356 per month. During the break, however, students continue to access the AnimSchool website and resources, and can get help from the community and instructors in the forums. They can continue animation exercises and be all the more ready for the next term.

Students should register for the Easy-Pay program well in advance to begin their three monthly payments before the term begins. If the student wishes to begin immediately instead of waiting, they must pay the three pre-paid portions plus the first month to avoid having to wait for the following term.

Note that completing an AnimSchool program track this way takes 33 months, 12 months longer than the usual 21 months. During that extra time, although students won't have class, they can continue to participate in the school in many ways and get help in preparation for the next class.

Students are required to set up an eligible repeating payment credit card to apply, express intention to complete the program, and upon any withdrawal from AnimSchool, agree to continue payments until all attended classes have been paid for. AnimSchool will send the Certificate of Completion only after the complete tuition under the Easy-Pay program is paid. There is no extra fee to enroll in the Easy-Pay program.

To apply for the Easy-Pay program, apply as a student three months before the term begins, select the Easy-Pay option and agree to the terms of service.

Students who desire to withdraw and receive a refund, may receive according to the normal refund policy.


New students pay the tuition payments before the termbegins. Enrolled students must keep their payments current to maintain status at the school and retain access to the AnimSchool student website and assets. Existing students pay for the upcoming term by the 25th of the month before classes begin according to their payment plan, unless a different date is arrange with the Payments Administrator. Students who fail to pay by the arranged date may be subject to a $35 late fee and have their access to the student AnimSchool website restricted. Students should then call or email to bring their account current and resume student status.

Students on the monthly payment option must maintain a valid credit or debit card on the account.

Payments will begin on the 25th prior to the term start date, followed by the remaining 2 payments for each term you enroll. If a card is denied during the attempt at processing, their account is set to pay upon the next login. Students have seven days to provide alternative payment, or be assessed a $35 late fee. Following the seven days, monthly payment students must contact the Student Administrator and arrange payment to avoid being placed on Academic Probation. Students on the Easy-Pay program must also follow these same guidelines, but payments are made during active terms and during the scheduled Easy-Pay Recesses. For payments-related questions, please email:

Students on the Easy-Pay program must maintain a valid credit or debit card on the account. Monthly payments will be withdrawn automatically on the first of the month or the first business day. If a card is denied during the attempt at processing, whether during a term or during a scheduled Easy-Pay break , the student will be notified by email and they will have seven days to provide a replacement card, or be assessed a $35 late fee. Following the seven days, monthly payment students must contact the Student Administrator and arrange payment to avoid being placed on Academic Probation.


The school reserves the right to terminate a student's training for unsatisfactory progress, nonpayment of tuition or failure to abide established standards of conduct.


The school does not guarantee the transferability of credits to a college, university or institution. The receiving institution must determine whether to accept credits based on comparability, appropriateness and applicability of completed courses.




AnimSchool posts the next term's schedule approximately one month before classes begin each term. Students are alerted with a Private Message on the AnimSchool site and their email, as well as the student Facebook group. A link appears on the sidebar "Pick Classes for Next Term" to register for a class.
The class times are often similar from one term to the next, but are subject to change. The options are shown here:




This agreement is a legally binding document.


I acknowledge receipt of the AnimSchool catalog which contains information regarding the programs offered. The school catalog is included as part of this enrollment agreement.


I understand that AnimSchool may terminate my enrollment if I fail to fulfill the financial obligations or if I fail to abide by standards of conduct as outlined in the school catalog. While enrolled in the school, I understand that I must maintain satisfactory academic progress as described in the school catalog. I understand that my financial obligation to the school must be paid in full before a Certificate of Completion will be awarded.


I understand that AnimSchool does not guarantee job placement to students upon graduation.


I understand that complaints which cannot be resolved by direct negotiation with AnimSchool may be filed with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection:

Or filed with the state division in which the student reside.


I understand that AnimSchool is an online school only, with all instruction received over high-speed internet.


I, the undersigned, have read, understand and agree to abide by all the provisions set forth in the foregoing enrollment agreement.


Signature of Applicant


Signed on ____________ , 20 ________





I certify that the applicant has been accepted and is enrolled as a student at AnimSchool.



Signature of AnimSchool Official


Signed on ____________ , 20 ________