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Tony Mecca
United States
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Tony has been a professional animator for over 10 years now spanning major feature films, games and most recently, AR. 

He has animated on over 10 major feature films including everything from VFX heavy realistic style shows like Snow White and the Huntsman, RIPD, and X-Men Days of Future Past (lead animator at Rhythm and Hues and Digital Domain) to fully animated cartoony blockbusters like Rio 2 and Hotel Transylvania 2 (senior animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks and animator at Blue Sky Studios).  Before feature film, he worked in video games animating everything from super realistic combat simulations to sci-fi fantasy adventures.  He was a primary member of the team that developed the critically acclaimed and award winning Conduit first person animation system.

Tony is currently working at Magic Leap developing what the next generation of animation and storytelling will be for the next evolution of cinematic entertainment.