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Eriks Vitolins
United States
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In 2003, Eriks graduated with a BFA in Fine Art and Computer Animation from the Academy of Art University.  Soon afterwards, he was employed at Rhythm and Hues Studios starting as an Animation intern. Between 2003-2014, he quickly move up the ranks, as a lead and senior animator contributing to award winning films such as Narnia, Happy Feet, The Golden Compass and Life of Pi.  Because of his technical skills, Eriks also assumed roles to design and develop more efficient workflows, rigs, and tools for R&H's Animation Department.

In 2016 was hired by BlueSky Studios as a Technical Director, to evaluate and improve workflows and utilities for their Animation department.

Eriks is also the founder and lead developer of RGB Notes (rgbnotes.com) and continues to develop tools to enhance the workflow for artists worldwide.

His hobbies include playing guitar, writing music, record-collecting, boardgames, woodworking, gardening, hiking, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, coffee-drinking, programming of all sorts (python, php, html, css, mysql, javascript, mel, ...)