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Welcome to AnimSchool! The Online School for the broader world of 3D animation!

AnimSchool is the online school devoted to teaching the many skills used in 3D productions from gaming to commercials to film. We teach students who want to make characters (modeling and rigging), or make them move and act (animation). Our instructors work at the best animation studios in the world and teach part-time with us, after hours.

Appealing, convincing characters are the heart of AnimSchool. We love characters! AnimSchool provides a well-rounded curriculum: specific enough to make our graduates desirable for top studios, but broad enough to give them solid footing and job security anywhere in the industry.

AnimSchool has two programs, in the 3D Character Program you learn how to make characters, modeling their shape and putting in the structure to make them bend and move and have expression. In the 3D Animation Program, you learn how to make them move and act. AnimSchool's teachers are some of the best CG artists in the world. AnimSchool plans on offering additional programs in the future, covering the wider world of 3D skills.

AnimSchool is all online--on your computer, over high-speed internet. Using the latest in web conferencing technology, students can learn the crafts of 3D computer animation right from home. Maybe you recently graduated from high school or its equivalent: you can launch a career in the world of 3D animation from where you already live, for a fraction of the cost of most other schools. Or maybe you already have a full time job and family responsibilities. You can take a new direction in life, and finally pursue the passion for 3D animation after hours.

Choose Your AnimSchool Program
step 1

Decide whether you want to make characters or move characters.

Take a look at the program descriptions here:
Animation Program
Character Program

AnimSchool is the only online educational experience that gives you the ability to choose your 3D discipline. Some students find they enjoy a completely different aspect of 3D animation when exposed to more than just one facet. This isn't a problem at AnimSchool. You can switch programs at any time. You may even choose to take advantage of both programs in full and become a well rounded 3D artist. We are here to help you find the right path for you and your career goals.

Each program is composed of four classes and THREE prerequisite courses plus Introduction to Maya, if applicable, a 21-24 month course of study. Becoming a 3D animation professional won't happen overnight. Be prepared to make a long-term commitment to make your dreams and goals a reality!

Submit Your Application
step 2

Be sure to supply all of the required materials, and get prepared for the next available term!

See the calendar with the dates listed here.

Go to the Apply page here.

If you want to learn about taking a single Master Class go here.

When an applicant is accepted to AnimSchool, they are accepted into a Program Track, meaning they can take the prerequisite courses for a program in sequence. After completing those courses, students can apply for the program by registering for Class 4. Their student work is reviewed by AnimSchool's Review Board and the student is then notified if they are oficcially accepted into their chosen program.

Select Your Class
step 3

Once accepted into a program track, you can enroll in your first class.

This is the beginning of your journey! Bring your passion and enthusiasm to class, and be ready to absorb lots of information!

There may be several teachers teaching the same course at different times. Choose the time and instructor that works best for you!

To apply for the Program, students register for a Class 4. They will then be considered for the program. If a student is not accepted in the program at that point, they should retake the prerequisite course to strengthen their skills to reapply next term.

Alternatively, they can switch to the other program track.

Tools For School
step 3

Get your computer hardware and software set.

You"ll need a microphone and web camera (most laptops already have them built-in). On the Orientation site, there are instructions for buying the 3D software with the eduational discount. Install the software; make sure Maya (or Softimage) runs on your computer.

Prepare For Class
step 5

Don't show up to class unprepared!

  1. The Orientation page will give you information on how to get started.
  2. Download the characters and/or tools needed for your assignments.
  3. The Calendar shows important dates for future classes, school events, and your own class and critique times.
  4. Most importantly, there will be video instruction showing 3D concepts and the assignments being done by the pros. Be sure to watch each one of these!
Take A Look Around
step 6

You're a student now, and you're learning directly from the pros! Take advantage of all the resources AnimSchool has to offer!

At AnimSchool we strive to provide an enriching and fulfilling student experience. Our staff works hard to make you feel welcome, and part of our 3D family.

In addition to the classes you will be taking, AnimSchool has put together programs to help you grow as an artist, and to provide venues to establish long-lasting relationships that will hopefully continue once you make your transition into the 3D animation industry.

Visit the AnimSchool student Facebook page to share your assignments and get help. Browse other students' pages to see their work. One of the best ways to learn is to expose yourself to other ideas, and see how others solve problems. You may want to leave some feedback for fellow students as well.

Another way students can foster relationships and get added feedback is to attend The Atrium. The Atrium is a classroom for students only, and is held once a week. Think of it as the commons area at AnimSchool. You can drop in, between the scheduled time, to meet other students, offer feedback, or share your own work. Remember the future of the animation industry are right next to you in class.

There are multiple bonus classes that we offer to students at no extra cost to you! General Reviews is one of these special classes where you can get additional feedback on your assignments from one of our professional instructors, and it is open to all students.

Most terms, we also host an art class each week, led by an industry-leading artist or designer. We've had visiting professors Mike Mattesi, author of the "Force" drawing books, character designers Bill Robinson and Jesse Aclin, digital painting with Tyler Carter, and Storyboarding with Moroni Taylor.
Every 3D artist can benefit from increasing their traditional art skills, so we have these live classes and and student can watch the recordings of ALL PREVIOUS ART CLASSES.

Complete Your Assignments!
step 5

AnimSchool requires a substantial time commitment.

Expect to spend at least 15-20 hours per week carrying out the week's assignments. If you want to excel, devote 40 hours per week. AnimSchool isn't about dabbling in the field of 3D animation-it's about striving for excellence! Here's the secret to getting good: let the best in the field critique your work. Train your eye to see the problems and deficiencies they see. Take advantage of that access and practice, practice!

Ask Your Instructor!
step 3

Our instructors are among the very best in the field!

They're passionate about what they do and they want to share their enthusiasm with you. Whenever you hit a roadblock during the week, write down questions and when class-time comes ASK them! They're there to help you.

The class is designed for you to interact with them one-on-one and get any help you need. If you don't understand the direction they've given for your animation, model, or rig, ask them to clarify. You have specific time during each critique class for them to focus exclusively on your work. Then be sure to respond to their notes diligently. Even if you doubt their direction, you'll probably find your work improves when you give it a try.

Choose Your Next Class
step 5

You're gaining momentum. Keep going!

The most successful animators are those that are persistent. Keep working hard to reach your goals!

Remember, the most popular classes will get filled first. Note on the calendar when the classes for the next term are made available, and sign up early for your next class.

Graduate! Now You're Ready To Go!
step 3

After completing a program at AnimSchool, you'll be ready to work in the field of 3D Animation.

You have the unique advantage of having highly-developed skills in a main area, but have broader skills supporting you. You have a network of friends and teachers you will need to get your foot in the door. You will feel confident and competent in the many different kinds of studios and areas of 3D animation!

"Online reviews with some of the best animators in the world who really take the time to look at your work." –Mark B.

"Now I know how to make animation better, appealing. After AnimSchool, I feel empowered." –Carlos R.

"AnimSchool has allowed me to advance in a career that is filled with opportunities" –Carlos G.

"I’ve learned so much and I’m really happy I chose AnimSchool! It’s pretty cool that I get to work on characters I love...I’m thrilled that I get to model, rig and animate Donald Duck’s nephews for a Disney project." –Nanda D.

"Without knowing anything about Maya 2 ½ years ago and be able to do these sort of things today – makes me really proud!" –Martin S.

"I didn’t know crap about 3D animation before I got here, so it’s really cool! I have an animation job now." –Maikoe A.

"I finished school, got a job and was promoted to Animation Supervisor--all because of AnimSchool." –Dimitar B.

"I've learned a lot from all the professional animators at AnimSchool! Their stories about daily work in major studios and productions worldwide made the profession come alive for me." –Imelda A.

"I had done commercials and worked on TV for 5 years, but during my first class at AnimSchool I realized that I didn’t know how to animate yet! This was just so different!" –Daniel J.

"I am now comfortable with modeling, character creation and rigging in Maya. Before AnimSchool, I didn’t know how to rig anything." –Richitos M.

"Even though it’s an online school it feels like a whole community of people who I have never met before but became really good friends with...it’s simply the BEST!" –Dilen S.

"The instructors are among the best. They have been super kind with me - they not only taught me how to animate better, they also pushed me to become a good team member." –Carlos A.

"From class to class I could see a marked improvement in my work." –Maxim K.